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Elbow technology of vacuum oil filter

1. Because most of them are used for welding pipe fittings, in order to improve the welding quality, the car is driven into the slot, leaving a certain Angle, a certain edge, this is more strict, how thick, how many Angle deviation range, there are rules.
The surface quality and mechanical properties are basically the same as pipes.
For the convenience of welding, the pipe installation is the same as the steel structure of the connecting pipe.
2. All the elbow process pipe fittings of vacuum oil filter shall be treated with surface treatment, and the iron oxide on the inside and outside surface shall be sprayed with anti-corrosion paint.
This is for export purposes.
In addition, it is necessary to do this work in order to prevent the oxidation of rust in China and also to facilitate transportation.
3 is the requirements of small pipe fitting packaging, such as export, you need to make a wooden box, 1 cubic meter, the number of elbow in the box stipulated not more than one ton, the standard allows the set, that is, a large set of small, but the total weight does not exceed 1 ton.
For large y's, pack them individually, e.g. 24 "must pack individually."
In addition, the packaging mark refers to the size, steel number, lot number, manufacturer's trademark, etc.

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