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Oil press selection guide

Every user who buys oil press wants to buy good quality and low price oil press, which is our characteristic! In fact, good quality and low price is cost-effective oil press. At the same time, I also hope that the service of the oil press manufacturers can be comprehensive and thoughtful. So, how exactly to buy oil press? What problems should we pay attention to when buying oil press? Xiaobian lists a few tips for everyone to choose for reference!
First, try to choose to have a certain scale of strength of the oil press factory to buy
Usually, the size and strength of the oil press manufacturers can develop advanced technology and excellent quality of the oil press, more to ensure the quality of the oil press, and the after-sales service is relatively sound.
Two, choose their own type of oil press
Oil press equipment mainly includes hydraulic oil press (also known as small press) and screw oil press. Hydraulic oil press has been gradually replaced by advanced screw oil press. At present, there are many names for oil press, but it is just a different name.
Three, to buy the oil press, the user must personally visit the house
Users personally visit the oil press manufacturer, can intuitively understand the size and strength of the oil press manufacturer, at the same time can see the quality of the oil press, more importantly, can be their own needs and manufacturers good communication, in order to buy the ideal oil press.
Four, we must choose three guarantees of perfect after-sales service oil press
Such products can generally guarantee their quality, after-sales maintenance is also very convenient.

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